July 5, 2020 Message Declarations

1. ARISE – Who are You, Jesus? Where do You want me to go, Jesus?
2. ARISE – Living available to God’s voice. That means we listen.
3. ARISE – Jesus, what are You doing right now? What are Your thoughts regarding this?
4. ARISE – Every small step of obedience grows and often leads to great breakthrough.

Your Marching Orders… I am called to speak! I am being sent! You are leading me to set the captives free by your power, Jesus! Amen!

Prayer for COVID-19

Testimony from Lee Schnabel: On Tuesday, March 31, while on a Zoom call, I prayed for a Hispanic pastor in southern California with COVID-19 and he was instantly able to breathe without oxygen!  After a second prayer his cough went away.  The next day, he was released from the hospital!

Every Tuesday from 2:00 to 5:00 pm (PST), Lee will be available to pray—either on the phone or by Zoom—with people suffering from COVID-19. To arrange an appointment for prayer, please call Pastor Maria Inés Garzón at 210-901-8870.