At Valley Christian Center, our heart is to help people grow and strengthen in their personal relationship with God, then empower them to step out into the ministry which God has called them. That is the motivation behind our Roots seminars and Branches evenings.

The Roots seminars are Saturday classes that cover a variety of topics important to a strong relationship with Jesus. Just as a tree needs deep roots for nourishment and foundation, we need to be deeply root in Christ so we can grow and not be shaken by the enemy.

Each Roots class is held in the VCC Youth room, 9:00 am-3:00 pm on a Saturday. Lunch is provided, registration is required, and donations are appreciated. The dates are listed below, but further details and a sign-up sheet will be released closer to each seminar.

October 7- Encountering God and Listening Prayer, taught by Donna Dluehosh
November 18- Missional Living: 7 Mountain Mandates, taught by Nicole Cade
January 13- What Does God Say About Money, taught by Clay Dluehosh
March 3- Freedom and Healing on the Inside, taught by Sarah Hatfield
April 21- Identity as a Child of God, taught by Shelly Herndon
May 19- Getting to Know God’s Word, taught by Ed Sweet

The classes in our Branches series are shaped for current or potential church leaders. The branches of a tree stretch out beyond the trunk, offering protection and fruit. In the same way these classes aim to empower leaders to reach more people in our community, better lead in their ministry, and see greater fruit in the body of Christ. Classes include worship, prayer, and teaching.

Branches classes are held in the VCC Lobby, 5:00-7:00 pm on a Sunday evening (unless otherwise noted). The dates are listed below, but further details will be released closer to each class.

October 29- Living and Leading on Purpose: Core Values, Goals, and Dreams
November 5- Unconditional Blessing, hosted by Forge Albany, meeting 12:30 -2:30 pm
January 28- Disciple Making, Personally and Together
February 25- Being an Emotionally Healthy and Safe Church Leader
March 25- Connection and Communication, Publicly and Inter-personally
April 8- Christ-like Leadership, hosted by Forge Albany, meeting 12:30 -2:30 pm

Contact the church office if you have questions about any of these upcoming classes!