Bible Reading Plan

A daily plan to read the Bible in a year

Daily Bible Reading Plan from Heartlight

Many of those who attend VCC are reading through the Bible "together" using a plan from Heartlight. This is a monthly reading schedule with daily selections from both the Old and New Testaments that allows you to read through the Bible in one year.

This reading plan is different in that the scripture selections do not necessarily follow the exact order in which the books of the Bible are bound. Instead, they follow a more historical context. For example, when you read about David fleeing from Saul in 1 Samuel 19, you will also read Psalm 23 telling of David's faith in God's care for him. After reading in Acts about Paul's ministry in Philippi, you read through the book of Philippians.

Each month VCC provides bookmarks with the current reading selections. The information is also provided below.

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