Your Foursquare Family Needs Help

There is a COVID crisis happening in the Himalayan region, and the Foursquare families there need our help. India has officially broken the world record for daily new COVID cases with over 400,000 reported cases. Right now the country is averaging over 3,000 COVID deaths each day, bringing the current total to 200,000 deaths.

While many of us here in the United States have access to the COVID vaccine, India doesn’t have enough available vaccines to protect its people. Less than 2% of India’s 940 million adults have been fully vaccinated.

India has a homegrown variant of COVID which some news and medical industries have thought could be the cause of the outbreak.

As a result, we know that new cases are rising and the virus is spreading at an unstoppable rate within the Himalayan region to other countries such as Nepal and Thailand. With the crisis spilling over India’s border into Nepal, they have run out of hospital beds.

Our Foursquare Families in India and Nepal need our help. Due to strict quarantine restrictions, churches are having difficulty distributing in a centralized location which has led to home to home distribution through local Foursquare pastors. There are Foursquare churches, pastors, and members who are suffering and have basic needs such as food and water.

How You Can Help:

1. Give to help with food and water shortages.

We have Foursquare pastors who are acting as first responders, as well as church members who are stepping in to help others. Our first responders are acting as the connection point to provide food supplies and distribute them within the community.

In order to gather and obtain supplies, we need all of the financial support you can give to make sure people don’t go hungry or thirsty.


Click here to donate to FDR through VCC’s online giving. You can also donate by check or cash in the offering box on Sunday. Please use an offering envelope and designate India.

2. Pray for India, Nepal, & Thailand 

Continue to pray for our families in India, Nepal, and Thailand. Pray for provision for families who can’t work due to being sick, or who have lost their job. Pray that families who are in need of supplies find their way to our first responders.

Pray for safety from the virus and hope for those who are living in fear that they may die without resources.

Pray that as a result of this crisis, that people would feel the love of Christ, and they would be impacted by the Foursquare family’s ability to bring light to a dark situation.

3. Tell your friends and family 

We can’t think of one person who has not been affected by COVID in some way. By sharing about this crisis unfolding in India, Nepal, and Thailand, you are impacting an entire region. The more financial support we receive, the more supplies we are able to provide those who are suffering and in need. The faster we can help, the faster the region can start to feel relief. We can help, and we should help.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support in the midst of this crisis. We know everyone has been affected by COVID, and it is our hope and prayer that our Foursquare family can come together to help other nations.