Bridgeport Church is offering Foursquare Disaster Relief Training for anyone interested in being prepared to respond to local, regional or national man-made or natural disasters.

Foursquare Disaster Relief Training is a 16-hour course. The training is vital for anyone interested in assisting in a local, regional, or large-scale disaster, including serving with FEMA, State, County, and local disaster response teams. All are encouraged to take this training and it is not intended to recruit or “sign up” anyone for any specific organization. This training is mandatory, however, for anyone wanting to help with Foursquare Disaster Relief teams at any level.

You will be instructed how to continue CISM, FEMA and other specialized disaster relief training. FDR Disaster Relief Training will provide a Certificate of Completion for the 16 hours of FDR training.

  • Dates + Times: July 14 – 15, 2023 | 8a – 5p
  • Location: Bridgeport Church
  • Price: Free – There is no cost for this training and all materials will be provided.
  • Registration: Click here to register.
  • Lodging: Bridgeport Church has arranged a discounted rate with the Grand Hotel at Bridgeport. To book a room, call the hotel at 503-968-5757 and reference you are attending a Bridgeport Church function.

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