Chad and Regina Goins and their family have arrived in Brazil!

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So, why Brazil?

When Regina was 16 years old, she accepted the Lord at a youth camp. The very next night, God spoke to her about becoming a missionary—specifically to the Japanese people. Chad was working at the camp, which is where he met Regina. Later on after they became engaged, Chad and Regina determined they wanted to go into the mission field. Over the years, they have done this to some extent through various short term ministries—but no matter what else they did, their focus was on going to minister in Japan.

At one point, they went to Foursquare Missions International in Los Angeles and took classes. It was there that they learned the cost of taking their large family to Japan. Because the cost of living there is some of the highest in the world, the government required that they have at least a $7,000 per month income to be in country. They decided it didn’t make sense to try and fund that amount, so their dream to minister to the Japanese people was put on hold.

Later on, Foursquare contacted them about going to Brazil. This may seem like the furthest you can get from Japan, but the southern three states in Brazil are home to the second largest Japanese population in the world. More recently, they learned about a Youth With A Mission (YWAM) base just outside of Curitiba, Paraná (one of the southern states), and the journey to Brazil began.

Brazil is the fifth most populous country in the world and the fifth largest in land mass. While the cities there can be modern and beautiful, right beside the wealth and beauty are the favelas or slums. The vast favelas–home to millions of people–are a huge problem in Brazil. The Goins are excited to be able to help make a difference there.

The family will be living in a house on the YWAM base. Their heart is to join in a ministry that is established. Chad also wants to minister to the missionaries on base by doing repair work for them.

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As part of their church family, VCC is committed to pray for the Goin’s work, and encourage others to support them in prayer and any other way they are led.