Local Missions and Outreach Projects

At Valley Christian Center, we strongly believe that being a missionary does not have to involve going across the world. We can be missionaries for the Kingdom in our own communities! Here are some of the local outreach and missions projects we currently support.


Oak Creek Corrections

VCC has been granted an amazing opportunity to fellowship with and minister to the girls living in the Cedar Unit at Oak Creek Corrections. Our work involves seasonal socials, a Christmas event where the congregation donates gifts, and individual mentorship. Men and women 18-yrs and older are welcome to attend the socials as a first introduction to Oak Creek. Background checks are required for volunteers. For more information, contact Shelly Herndon at shelly@vccalbany.com.

Forge Albany

This local organization focuses on helping people become missionaries in their own neighborhood! They offer Monthly Missional Trainings and work with churches throughout Linn County. To find out more, visit their website at forgealbany.org.