Mid-Valley Fellowship’s Identity Month: June 2021

Who are you?

That question can be a source of much confusion and uncertainty. Our world has many answers to the question, and very few of them are consistent with God’s design and intent for our lives. A major piece of walking in authentic relationship with God, self, and others involves embracing our God-given identity, rather than the other identities that attempt to define us.

What is Identity Month?

Identity Month is a season set aside (month of June) to focus on our God-given identity and how to live in that.

Week 1:  June 6 / Foundation of Identity in Christ

  • we need identity/definition of who we are
  • parents are intended to bestow a healthy identity on us
  • when we begin relationship with God, he defines our identity as a foundation for life with him

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Week 2:  June 13 / ​How Embracing Your Identity in Christ Makes a Difference Personally

  • necessity to internalize what God says about us
  • replace lies we have believed with truth
  • the result is transformation of the way we see ourselves, aligning with God’s perspective

Click here to download the Identity In Christ handout.

Week 3:  ​June 20 / Walking Out Your Identity in Christ with Other Believers

  • seeing the God-given identity of other believers
  • being unified with others around our God-given identity
  • speaking affirmation of others’ identity and receiving affirmation of ours

Click here to download the My True Identity handout.

Week 4:  ​June 27 / Walking Out Your Identity in Christ with Unbelievers

  • being at peace/confident in the foundation of our God-given identity
  • sharing The Gospel (“Good News”) with others
  • accepting their response, whether positive or negative – neither changes our identity