Marriage Mentoring

Preparation — Growth — Healing

Marriage Mentoring through Friends of the Family Ministry

Dare to be Different!

From the Friends of the Family (FOFM) website:

Marriage Mentoring

Many marriages today are hurting. And the more ways we can help the better! Along with offering professional counseling and a variety of marriage enrichment workshops and retreats, Friends of the Family is growing a network of trained Marriage Mentors. These volunteer couples are equipped to come alongside another couple in a very structured and intentional process that has proven to be very effective in three different ways:

  • Preparing a couple for marriage;
  • Taking a marriage from good to great; and even
  • Helping couples work through difficult issues and heal past hurts.

Interested in receiving marriage mentoring? Click here to go to FOFM to sign up.

VCC members Brian & Stefanie Coons and Clay & Donna Dluehosh are trained marriage mentors through FOFM. They would love to answer any questions you may have! You can contact Clay directly at

You still need to sign up through FOFM to receive mentoring.

Video Resources

The following are links to videos from Matt Loehr of Dare to Be Different
and are supported by Friends of the Family Ministry.

One small talk at a time.

Episode 1 - Adultery | Divorce or Forgive?

Episode 2 - Get Help Before You Get Out

Episode 3 - When He/She Won't Change

Episode 4 - Letting God Lead

Episode 5 - The Issue Behind The Issue

Episode 6 - Communication

Episode 7 - Fell Out Of Love

Episode 8 - Change The Way You Fight

Episode 9 - Don't Fight Fire With Fire

Episode 10 - What's Up With Your Tone?

Episode 11 - What's Up With Your Timing?

Episode 12 - What's Up With Your Body Language?

Episode 13 - What's Up With Your Delivery?

Episode 14 - Romans 12 and Your Marriage