Our sister Claudia Campbell had long held a desire to serve as a missionary to the people in Kenya, Africa. When she retired in 2009, Claudia went on safari to Kenya. As her plane landed in country, she saw a large acacia tree and knew she was home. Claudia ended up staying another month after the safari was over to get better acquainted with the people and their country. Later she went back to make her home there for a time. While she was there, she volunteered at an orphanage school, but knew she wanted to do more.

Now her dream has come true. A friend connected her with Kingdom Restoration Ministries (KRM) Founders and Pastors Ralph and Shirley Burkett. She started out mentoring pastors in the western region of Kenya, but is now building a ministry to the women.

Claudia received her pastoral license through Faith Christian Fellowship to enable her work in Kenya, and is excited to do the mission to which God has called her. She will lives in Nairobi and travels to visit the outlying churches KRM is associated with.

As part of her church family, VCC is committed to pray for Claudia’s work, and encourage others to support her in prayer and any other way they are led.

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