Costa Rica


Josiah and Cynthia Hubbard

Josiah and Cynthia have been working with Foursquare Missions International since 2004. Having met during a short term missions trip, they decided to continue the journey of marriage on the same field. They have two wild jungle boys, Joel and Ian. Josiah is originally from Oregon and a woodworker by trade. Cynthia is from Costa Rica and is a medical doctor.

Business as Mission

The missional church continues to rediscover the Biblical truth that every member of the Body of Christ is gifted and sent into the whole world with a redemptive message and mission. Business as Mission (BAM) is about real, viable, sustainable and profitable businesses; with a Kingdom of God purpose, perspective and impact; leading to transformation of people and societies spiritually, socially, economically and environmentally – to the greater glory of God.

Josiah and Cynthia operate a wood mill as part of their mission (complete with a portable mill to take to other sites) and are looking to expand into eco-tourism.