Other Missionaries We Support

While we have Foursquare Missions our main mission projects, we have other missionaries that we support and maintain relationship with.

As part of these missionaries' church family, VCC is committed to pray for them, and encourage others to support them in prayer and any other way they are led. Contributions to these missions ministries can be made via our Online Giving page or on Sundays using an offering envelope.

Please Note: If writing a check to one of these ministries, please designate them using the country. DO NOT put the missionary's name on the check!

Claudia Campbell, Kenya

Claudia works in Nairobi helping women escape and heal from abusive marriages. She partners with ARMS to help women heal, grow, and strengthen after experiencing trauma.

Click here to read her latest newsletter.

Update from Claudia, Mar 2, 2018:

The Lord in His kindness and care of me has brought a pastor into my life that is becoming a great advocate for ARMS. I have requested Stacey Womack (of ARMS) to consider and complete the forms requesting ARMS to be a registered NGO in Kenya.  It will take time and a complicated process but it would be an advantageous way to go. My advocate Pastor Stephen of Nairobi Grace Chapel is all for it. I'm having to slow him down a bit because this is an international NGO request not a national and there is much involved, but if we can accomplish that it would be great.

We did get a small office. It needs fixing up, and I haven't got the estimated cost from the ladies working on it.  It will be good for classes in Thika town and for Leah's counseling.

Please pray that all the new pastors and community workers that I am meeting will be the kind of people we can trust and will have a true passion for the ladies we need to serve. The main advocates are Pastor Stephen from Nairobi Grace Chapel and Pastor Billy from Overcoming Faith Church in Juja town.

Ann, Claudia's faithful assistant
Ann and her groom Phanuel
Ann and baby Joel
Claudia teaching a class.