Online Giving

If you feel called to give to VCC, here is one easy method.

Click the icon to make an online donation or gift.

We encourage giving that is grounded in your relationship with Christ, and that exhibits your love for and trust in Him. Tithing and giving should not be done out of guilt or obligation, but out of a heart of gratitude for God's provision and as an act of worship.

Valley Christian Center uses an electronic giving program as a way to automate your regular weekly or monthly offering. Electronic giving offers convenience for individuals and will appeal to many of us—from longtime givers who will appreciate an alternative to frequent check writing to many younger givers who prefer to pay or donate by electronic means whenever possible.  By clicking the Online Giving link, you will be able to give to Tithes & Offerings, Missions, Building Fund, and Camp Scholarships, or make payments for Camp Registration or other events.

Note: To be tax-deductible, designated donations (those other than general tithes & offerings) must be restricted to a specific purpose fund or project established by the church council (i.e., building, helps, missions, etc.), and the church council must be able to exercise exclusive, discretionary control of the gift. Unused gifts for specific projects may be repurposed by the church council.

Gifts to an individual are not tax-deductible, but can be given anonymously through the church.

GivePlus Church App for Phones

GivePlus Church App: Download the app to set one-time or recurring donations for tithes/offerings and other giving. You can also manage and view your giving from the convenience of your smartphone. The app is available for both Apple and Android phones.
Click to download the pdf GivePlus Church-How It Works
Click to watch YouTube video about the GivePlus Church app