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There was a glitch in the recording, and only the last few minutes of the message are available–including most of the recap and the final prayer. The following is from the conclusion from Nicole’s notes (click here for a pdf full PowerPoint notes):

In conclusion, if humility includes how we think and how we act–and those two aspects are interconnected, how we think is reflected in how we act, and how we act shows others just how we think–then renewing the mind is key to humility.

So if humility includes how we think, that being “having a humble opinion of one’s self” and how we act, that being “to be humble”…what does that look like for sons and daughter of God within the Kingdom of God?

And if humility can look a 1,000 different ways, how do we know if we are “walking humbly” and “putting on humility”? The key is “what is the motivation behind the act”? Is my motivation prompted by me or God?

  1. I believe God invites us into “walking humbly” when we are willing to lay down what is “rightfully mine” and ask Him the question, God what do I need to empty myself of? What do I need to give up, or give to someone else?
  2. I believe God invites us into “walking humbly” when we are willing to lay down our distractions and invite in God’s perspective by asking God to help us see others how He sees them, and situations the way He sees those situations.
  3. I believe God invites us into “walking humbly” when we are willing to lay down the mindset “it’s not fair”, in order to set ourselves up to be obedient to the Father beyond our own wants and desires.

“Walking humbly” and “putting on humility” is available to each one of us by the grace of God. He enables us and empowers us to walk humbly as we are open to Him transforming the way we think about ourselves, others, and Him. And as we walk humbly, we represent Him as His sons and daughters demonstrating the Kingdom of God here on earth as (and I am taking this from the definition of a bondservant) those whose service is used by Christ in extending and advancing His cause among men. That’s saying “yes” to the gospel of the Kingdom of God.


Being a Doer of the Word

On May 27, 2018 by Nicole Cade. Includes a testimony from Selina Anderson during the message, and a prayer by Joe Cobarrubia with regards to Selina’s testimony at the end.

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