Who We Are

Our Purpose, Values, and Facilities

Our Purpose

Love. Mend. Train. Release.

Our goal as a church is to cooperate with Jesus in serving people.

  • We love people just as they are, even as God has loved us- leading them into relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • We mend people, helping them discover the spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical health the Lord desires for them.
  • We train people, helping them become all that God has designed them to be.
  • We release people into effective, purposeful ministry in their homes, the church, the community, and our world.

We are Foursquare

As a part of the Foursquare Denomination, these four truths of Christ's identity create the foundation for our ministry.

  • He is our Savior, the one who died in our place so we could be forgiven and live in relationship with the Father
  • He is our Healer, the one who offers us wholeness physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.
  • He is our Baptizer in the Holy Spirit, the one who gives us the help, strength, and power to live up to our full potential as people and as servants of God.
  • He is our King, the one who is worthy of all praise, and who will someday return in His full glory.

Our Values

All of our core values are essential to effective ministry and are the assumptions upon which our ministry is built. These values apply from the most mature Christian to the youngest kid in our children's classrooms.

  • The Bible is our guide for life and is our standard for faith and practice in all we do.
  • Prayer is essential, both private and corporate.
  • Leading people into a growing and dynamic relationship with Jesus is our primary assignment. It happens in our neighborhood and worldwide.
  • Every Christian has a ministry and is called into fruitful service in their environment, as they are empowered by the Holy Spirit.
  • Small groups are necessary for our growth. We need each other in order to become and accomplish all God intends for us.
  • Worship is to be Jesus-centered, contemporary, understandable, and yielded to the Holy Spirit. Love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength is why we exist.

What does the Bible say about women pastors?

Click on the button to see Foursquare's teaching on "Women in Ministry Leadership".

ICFG Women in Ministry

Our Facilities

Join us in the Sanctuary on Sundays for worship and the Word. Then linger and fellowship together afterward in the Lobby with some refreshments, or enjoy our beautiful courtyard.

Kids ages 1 yr to 5th grade are invited to their own classes on Sundays. Middle School students (grades 6th-8th) meet in the Youth Building, Sundays after worship in Sanctuary. High School students (grades 9th-12th) are invited to Ignite on Thursdays.

Handicap parking is available in the north parking lot.

The church office is open Tuesday-Thursday, 9 am-3 pm.