Willamette Valley DR Support Group

Online divorce/relation support for anyone experiencing divorce or separation

About the Group

We will be offering videos from different Counselors and Teachers from Right Now Media.

This is a ZOOM meeting based group set up to share what we're going through.  We won't discuss any content of any videos watched, this will be more just check-in, how are you feeling, what do you want to share of what's going on for you.  We'll take turns sharing, maintaining our Group Guidelines.

Group meets Wednesday evening at 6 pm PST via ZOOM.

Please read the section below to know more about our group.

If you have any questions or want to join the group, email Tom Bartunek at ChappyTom77@gmail.com.

Mission Statement

To offer an online environment for individuals going through a divorce, or relationship breakup, to share the struggles in their lives freely amongst other people that can relate because of their own relationship pains.  And so those who join do not feel alone and isolated.


  • Everyone has freedom to share what they are going through.
  • Everyone can feel safe in what they share.
  • Everyone will be treated with respect.
  • Everyone can refuse to share is so led and "pass".


  • Everything is anonymous and confidential.
  • People joining the online group are encouraged to use only their first names on their profile on ZOOM.
  • Nothing heard during the support group is to be repeated outside the online group or shared on other social media sites.
  • There is no advice-giving, problem solving, or commenting on another person’s sharing.  (We honor others just by listening.)
  • Those sharing only share from their personal experience.
  • Spousal or partners names are encouraged to not be used, and any information of the other is not to be used.
  • There is no preaching, teaching, or "should have’s".  Only share what has personally helped you.
  • Be respectful of others people’s time.  Share in a timely manner and allow for others to share.
  • Listen without interrupting, no side conversations or cross-talk.

DR Resources

Divorcecare - https://www.divorcecare.org/  (On the Divorcecare website, go to the top of the webpage and click on  "Find a Group", enter your zip code to find the closest group/class)

Reboot Recovery - https://rebootrecovery.com/  (On the Reboot Recovery website, go to the top of the webpage and click on "Join a Course", you will want to click on Trauma Reboot.)

Other Resources

Called to Freedom - http://vccalbany.com/called-to-freedom-home/

FOFM (Friends of the Family) - https://fofm.org/

MVF (Mid-Valley Fellowship) - https://www.midvalleyfellowship.org/

Area Counselor Organization Contact - https://salemici.com/homepage/