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Missions Sunday,
October 24th Live and Streaming...

Our campus is open this Sunday, along with Kingdom Kids and our Youth Gathering in the Youth Building.

This is missions Sunday.  You can donate to general missions either online or by cash or check in the offering box at church (please use an offering envelope marked Missions).  Our missions offering goes in part to CAPAZ, which is Lee's ministry to Central and South America.  Lee is getting ready to lead a missions trip to Guatemala in November.  Click here, if you would like to donate towards this trip.

Looking forward to worshiping with you all... either in person or via livestream.

Link for Sunday https://youtu.be/nbwlq_UbUgY

We ask that families that have anyone at home with cold or flu-like symptoms please not attend church gatherings.

July 25, 2021 with Monica and Brian
This is what God shared with Monica through Ezekiel 7. Brian closes the service sharing how God is the author of, master of, and innovator of renewal.

A word for a season...

(Words from various people in our church body at VCC)

A word following the theme of the worship on Sunday, August 1st.

Is the Holy Spirit speaking to you about this?

"I want to know You!" "I want more of You."  Themes from some songs and spoken words today.  All those statements require us to make a move toward Him. Did you know that?He isn’t going to force Himself on us. He will never violate our free will. Those phrases indicate we must intentionally draw near to Him. Without action, they don’t reflect intentionality. They are hopeful words but our savior isn’t going to make it happen. It requires our involvement. It takes a growing relationship with the Savior. We cannot wish it will happen. If God has anointed us with a gift but we refuse to grow in that anointing,  it will whither and die. Again it requires action! Nicole’s word about the Seahorse and going deeper comes with a requirement. We must grow closer to Him. He will not take us deeper or come closer to us without any effort on our part. Again, this requires action from us. We cannot live like always and expect God to do all the work.  That isn’t even scriptural. This is the influence of the Western church culture.  If you want to know Him and get closer to our Lord, then it’s time for action. Time to move, to get serious about our commitment to Jesus Christ.



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