Dr. Lee Schnabel, Latin American Missions

Dr. Lee & Lisa Schnabel

As a Foursquare missionary, Lee serves in Latin America with a focus on developing in-service training programs in multiple Latin American nations. His advisory ministry is highlighted by his role as Assistant to the Area Missionary for Central and South America.

As the lead facilitator and founder of CAPAZ, he carries a passion to see local pastors and leaders fully equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit and a solid understanding of Scripture.

Since the early 90’s Lee has been involved in developing effective leadership training programs in places like Panama, Colombia and Chile.

While serving in Chile, he developed a training system called, "collaborative leadership training (CLT)" that is based on Dialogue Education. CLT is an interactive training approach that focuses on the role and the work of the Holy Spirit to reveal truth and to manifest the gifts of the Spirit while  equipping pastors and leaders in very practical ways.
Lee and the CAPAZ team focus on developing national and regional facilitators in Latin America who will assist national churches in developing in-service training programs that are fully operational without the need from outside funding and personnel. They have been invited to develop CLT training programs in Bolivia, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru.

Valley Christian Center supports the work of Dr. Lee Schnabel through CAPAZ. Contributions can be made via online giving or on Sundays using an offering envelope. Please be sure to write CAPAZ in the space provided on the envelope.